Introducing AussieBum

Yesterday was a fantastic day on the snow, blue sky, full snow cover and not too many people.  Anyone who complains about Aussie skiing is missing out!!!

The guys here are awesome as well.  Nothing too naughty just yet BUT last night I handed out AussieBum’s to all the guys for the hottub.  It was pretty great having 6 of us in the hottub all wearing AussieBum speedos.

I’m up early just checking on some stuff and today we are off to a smaller resort called Charlotte’s Pass which I’ve never been to.

I’ll keep you guys posted.

Speedo Butt - NICE!!!!

Wearing Speedos Publicly

I’m really impressed with this hot asian guy wearing a pair of white Aqux speedos in public!!!

I wonder what country he is in but I think it is awesome.  I wore a pair of white speedos to the public swimming pool back in May (click here to read that post) but it was a one off, there wasn’t many people at the pool and I don’t think I could do it in a more social setting.

What is the skimpiest speedo you have ever worn in public?

Speedos in PublicWearing Speedos in PublicWhite Speedos in Public

Beach Speedo Photos

Quick post before Kip and I hit the road for the drive to Jindabyne – should take us 7hrs or so and we hope to get there just before dark.

We are super excited and it will be great for Kip to see some more of Australia.

Our speedos are packed, our snowboards are packed…..

Since we are off to the snow, I thought I’d post some pics of guys at the beach.  Hopefully the weather will be nicer by the time we get back.  If you want more speedo photos – check out the ‘Speedo Photo of the Day’ – there are more than 700 speedo photos over there which I personally pick each morning.  There are some PG rated pics but also some X-Rated speedo pics over there as well.

Click here to check it out –

Fluro Green SpeedoClassic Red SpeedosSpeedo Model on the BeachBlue Speedos on ModelBeautiful Beach

Speedos in the Mountains

Kip and I were trying to decide which speedos to take on our snowboarding trip and we both came to the consensus that we should just take them ALL.  That way we can share with our hosts as well to make sure everyone has a ‘speedo option’ when it comes to the hottub.

Check out this speedo photo shoot in a beautiful mountain setting.  I’m not a huge fan of all the tattoos but what a spot!!!  Does anyone know where it is?  If I get my DE Swimwear line off the ground organising photos shoots in locations like this would be amazing.  Although my photo shoots with probably be a little more x-rated.

Beautiful Speedo LocationSpeedos in the mountainsBeautiful SpeedosSpeedo Model Shoot

Gay Snowboarding Trip

The weather here on the Northern NSW Coast is rather wintery and not quite speedo beach weather.  It is a bit of a shame because I’m looking forward to doing naughty things with Kip on the beach.

Being the middle of an Australian winter, Kip brought his snowboarding gear with him and I’ve been looking forward to getting to the Snowy Mountains for some turns – last time I snowboarded down there was on a high school trip.

I have mentioned this on this blog over the last few weeks and late last week I got an email from a fan/reader, Adam,  who has a house in Jindabyne and is heading down next week with some gay friends and has offered a spare room if Kip and I wanted to hang out with them.  Over the weekend I spoke to Adam and we’ve lined it up.  So on Thursday Kip and I are driving down to Jindy for a long weekend with Adam and then we might stay on through the next week.

Sounds like the makings of a great trip.

Adam sounds really nice, this is a trip that he and his long term boyfriend do every year and they always get a bunch of friends (all gay guys) together for the trip.

Ow, and some important things to keep in mind….. there is a hottub and Adam is a speedo fan.

Speedo ModelsGuys in Red SpeedoPorn Actors in Speedos

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