Breakfast Blowjob

I awoke this morning after a fantastic nights sleep to a fantastic blowjob from Kip.

What a way to start the week!!!!

Kip and I have a full days work ahead and I’m in a good mood.

Beautiful Blowjob

Acceptable Speedos

Kip came along for our Sunday morning surf with the boys again this morning.  I think I’ve mentioned that Kip isn’t as much of a water baby as I am and isn’t as comfortable in the ocean.  He puts on a brave face though.  We were up early and about to get ready and put on our wetsuits (one of the boys loaned Kip a wetsuit which fits him perfect) and Kip was wearing a funky pair of Turbo speedos.

When I reminded him that after a surf we will all gather back here and shower off outside and strip off our wetsuits and his ‘flowery’ pair of speedos might not be acceptable he completely agreed.

Isn’t it funny – all of the guys were wearing speedos under their wetsuits and came back and stripped them off under my outdoor shower.  Most of the guys went home with just a towel around their waist but these guys would never wear speedos to the beach or in a public setting.

Kip did change into a pair of navy speedos and everything went off without a hitch.

And Kip didn’t drown or get eaten by sharks which are both fears of his when he comes surfing with us.

Any disagreements with my acceptability or unacceptability choices below?


Smooth Body in Navy Speedos


Speedos are Gay


Navy Speedos

These speedos might be acceptable but probably not with the matching swim cap.

Speedos are a bit weird

Mowing the Lawn in Speedos

I think the idea of mowing the lawn in speedos is awesome.

At my house here I walk around in speedos and I’ll walk down to the water for a swim in speedos but I’m not sure I’d mow my little patch of front lawn in speedos.

Mowing the Lawn in Speedos

Love these Turbo Speedos

Does anyone else just love these turbo speedos?

Someone posted a link over on the other day which is a huge collection -

I think these might be my next speedo purchase.

Like These Turbo Speedos
Turbo Speedo

Nothing but white speedos

Boring day today cleaning up all the snowboarding gear and catching up on some work stuff.

Neither Kip or I got to wear white speedos while on our trip so today we have designated it white speedos only.  I’m wearing a pair of AussieBum Coolabah’s and Kip is wearing a pair of my white Arena speedos that look amazing on him.  There might be some fucking going on today at my house.

These guys are looking pretty good in their white speedos as well – does anyone know what makes the first one?  Looks awesome.

I Like This SpeedoGreat White Speedos

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