Speedo Foursome

Last Sunday Kip had his first Aussie BBQ (no shrimp – we don’t do that, and we call them prawns not shrimp).

Yesterday Kip had his first Aussie foursome.

Alex had lined up to have Friday afternoon off, he and Kip got along well last weekend and both knew what was going on.  And I texted Tim during the week to see if he’d be keen to join us.

What would you say if you were asked to join 3 guys?  Tim said yes.

I woke up on Friday morning next to Kip’s naked body and it was pretty hard to restrain myself but it was worth it.

Kip and I opened the door wearing nothing but speedos and I imposed a speedo only policy at the door.  Tim arrived first and we were having a drink when Alex arrived and stripped down to his black speedo brand speedos.

It was pretty hot having the four of us, all in speedos standing around my kitchen counter.

Things started off with Tim and I making out and Alex and Kip making out before things just turned into an orgy back in my bedroom.

This is only the third time that Alex has been fucked and Kip and I both got to fuck him.  Kip took all three of us in his arse at some point during the 2 hour fuck fest.

I did actually take some photos but I’m not sure if I’ll publish them or not.  If I do I’ll put them up on SwimmerBoyz.com so keep that in mind.  I’ve also written about this foursome in very graphic detail.  I’ve put it up on SwimmerBoyz.com as well – gotta look after my members.

It is only $4.95 to join – www.SwimmerBoyz.com

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DE Swimwear – Where next?

It took less than a week to move the left over stock I had of my DE Swimwear.

I couldn’t believe the response, and I think I ironed out some of the previous kinks in the logistical side of things.  I’ve already had some great responses from guys:

“Hi Dave, i received your suit. what a great product!!! it fits really well. is it possible for you to send a suit to my partner because he liked mine ALLOT.”  James (Arizona)

“Hi, Dave. Got my suit today; and thanks for the super-fast shipping. I love the cut, and the snugness of the fabric felt so sensual, I couldn’t prevent a huge boner! This suit feels so sexy and sensuous, I truly didn’t want to take it off. (My cock never had it so good, ha, ha.) This will truly be one of my “special” suits, that I would only wear in carefully-selected environments.”  Chuck

“Dave I got the pair of white speedos you promised Me with your name on it! Had an instant hard On soon as I got it out of the package!  Just had to relieve the pressure that Was building with no & immediately.” DHS

Now I have to decide what to do next.  I don’t quite have the finances to go full out with it and have 3 different product runs.  Maybe I could do a pre-order thing.

If I decide to do another run – do I stick with white or do you guys want something that you can wear in public?  The white had no lining and were super super see through when wet.

DE Swimwear

Tougher Being Gay

Thanks for your comments and emails on yesterdays post.  If I get 3 comments here, you bet I’m getting 5 times that many emails – I prefer the comments and I get to reply to the comments more than emails but I appreciate them both.

I only touched on it yesterday about depression but it seems to have opened a can of worms.

Is the gay community more vulnerable to depression?

Despite the evolution in social acceptance, does ‘coming out’ still trouble a lot of us?

I’m not out.  My circle of friends here in Aussie think I’m 100% str8.  I am completely comfortable with my current situation, you guys know I like girls as well as guys.  You know I’ve actually been given a hard time over the years BECAUSE I like girls from my gay friends.  If I was 100% out to everyone, I would feel that it would restrict my str8 side.

It is easier for me staying in the closet and I’m fine with that – at this point in my life, I don’t want to identify/explain my sexuality.

Perhaps I’m taking the easy option.  It must be terrifying for guys who are gay to come out.  I’m sure friendships are lost/broken by coming out which is horrible but a fact of life unfortunately.

Does this whole, explaining ones sexuality bring a bigger risk of depression, anxiety to our community?

I’d love to hear your thoughts guys – I’m off to the pool.  Alex can’t make it today, I was going to skip it but I was wearing my black arena speedos and I saw this pic and I want his body which was enough motivation for me to head to the pool.

Swimmers Body

Speedo Bums

What a sad day with the news of Robin Williams.  He was someone that was a staple growing up.

I once had a business mentor who outwardly seemed like the happiest guy ever.  He had a beautiful family, he had a small marketing business which was hard work but doing OK and I found out years later that he suffered from depression in a big way.  The last person I would have expected.

I suppose I get stressed and down sometimes but I don’t think I understand what people with depression really go through.  Particularly this community is vulnerable to some pretty big issues with coming out and family.

Feel free to share your comments on this.

On to more positive things, guess who is taking Friday afternoon off work?  Alex…..  What do you guys think that the three of us speedo boys should get up to?

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Riding Kip

It is nice to have a real cock in the house to ride whenever I want.

You guys might remember that I bought a butt plug set a little while back.  Well, I will admit, I have been using them pretty extensively when jerking off.  Like pretty 90% of the time.

It did get me wondering though, and I wanted to ask you guys about this…..

Are you afraid that your masturbation techniques and tools can ruin/diminish your real sex life?

For example, with all the anal stimulation I’ve been getting with these butt plugs, I’m pretty sure I won’t cum as quick from a blowjob without someone playing with my arse.

I’m sure it is easy to fix, just give it a day or two break and I’ll be sooooo horny it won’t matter.

It might sound like I get laid a reasonable amount but I think that is because I share it with you guys, I still jerk off over 95% of the time.

What do you guys think?

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