Ever convinced a friend to speedo?

Have you ever convinced someone to wear a speedo?

Saturday afternoon here and I’ve got some friends skiing in Vail dropping by and one of the guys asked if he could borrow some swimming attire for a hottub.  Then he messaged, not a speedo thanks.  Hahahaha.  That was exactly what I had in mind too.

Over the years I’ve been able to late night hottub and enforce a ‘speedo only’ policy which has been fun and after a few minutes everyone was just as comfortable as if they were wearing whatever they would normally wear.

Kip’s sister had a boyfriend a little while back and he very very reluctantly speedo’d it up because we had a ‘speedo party’.  Kip’s sister was the one doing the convincing though.

Would love to hear if you guys have any stories of getting guys to speedo it up.

Speedo Man

NFL Speedo Fans

Although I don’t understand all the nuiances of American Football (NFL) I have come to enjoy watching it and I think I’ve got most of the rules down pat.

One rule which I wasn’t aware of is that you can’t watch a game while wearing speedos.

These two guys striped down to their speedos during the weekends Miami Dolphins game (it must be a lot warmer in Florida than it has been up here lately).

Good on these guys for speedo’ing it up, what a shame that they were told to put their shorts back on.  And that guy with the full beard has a smoking body!!!!

Where is the weirdest place you’ve speedo’d it up?

NFL SpeedoFootball SpeedoSpeedo NFL Fans

Dave the Horny Hermit

Having the house to myself I was looking forward to bringing home some hottub company over the weekend but it wasn’t to be.

We had a big snow storm come through yesterday (Saturday) afternoon and I’ve never seen the wind blow so hard.  Although it is only a few blocks walk to town I just couldn’t get myself away from the couch, fireplace, G&T and book.

How very boring and disappointing of me.  Am I getting old?

Today I’m up early, doing a bunch of work, going to watch the F1 in about half an hour then head out with some mates to watch the Broncos (not the Brisbane Broncos but the Denver Broncos).  I was pretty horny this morning lying in bed but I restrained myself…. Kip should be back home tonight and I’ve got a feeling he is going to get a shaggin’!!!

How hot is this guy in his black speedo?  This reminds me of home.  More and more I’m thinking of my plans to head back to Aussie.  I’ll discuss it with you guys next week in a little more details.

SpeedoSpeedo FitBlack Speedo Close UpTiny Blue SpeedoSpeedos

Crazy Speedo Sex

The last two weeks Kip and I have been well behaved, this week I have felt like a bit of a monk really.

Kip is out of town this weekend so I have the house to myself…. wonder what will happen?

Anyone want to drop around for a hottub?

I wish some of these guys would drop around for a hottub.

Speedo FellaSwimmers BodySpeedosHottest Boy

Speedo Sponsors

The weather here in Colorado over the last week has been fantastic.  Warm, no wind and Breckenridge opened last Friday.  It means that today I was up early, went for an early morning swim, then had 4 runs snowboarding and back in the office by 10:30.

Don’t worry it isn’t all peaches and cream, I fully expect to be working until midnight or so and then I’ll sleep like a baby.

On my list of things to do today is to reply to a request from International Jock who wants to advertise on this blog.  Instead of just a static banner ad that maybe we’ll do something more fun.

How about this idea?  They offer a pair of speedos from their site up for grabs for a reader each month?  Or get their model shoot photo galleries and I can make them available to you guys.

Anyone have any good ideas?

I have ordered from International Jock (I think I ordered some N2N speedos from them) and they seemed good to deal with.

Not sure if ES is sold on International Jock but I’ve been seeing more and more of them around the web these days…. might be because they have some hot photo shoots.

Euro SpeedoES SpeedosES SwimwearES JockstrapEuropean Speedo

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