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Grindr Works

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After watching the terrible performance by the Broncos yesterday morning I needed a bit of a pickup so I setup my Grindr account and low and behold…. there are a bunch of local guys here.

I spoke to a few guys but I really wanted to get off right then.

One guy said that he could come over just after lunch and he sounded pretty hot.  I told him I love speedos and he promised to wear a blue pair (AussieBums) that he has.  We’ll call him Tim although he asked me not to mention his real name.

Tim arrived on time and he thought we should hit the shower first.  My house is pretty old and the bathroom is old school and the shower isn’t very big which was just fine by us.  Tim was wearing a pair of sky blue speedos and I was wearing a pair of black arena speedos.  Things got pretty hot in the shower but we both managed to keep our speedos on although the front of our speedos was straining against our cocks which were both now at full mast.

We were both dying to release our cocks and our loads so after a quick dry off we headed to my bedroom, wet speedos still on.

I pulled Tim’s cock our the side of his speedo and began polishing his knob.  He didn’t last long and I took his entire load.

Then it was my turn and Tim offered his mouth and his arse and I chose his arse.  With Tim on his knees I pulled the back of his speedo down around his thighs, I lubed him up sticking a couple of fingers in his tight arsehole.  I put on a condom and I had difficulty holding myself back from just thrusting my cock all the way in and going to town.

I started slow but this wasn’t Tim’s first rodeo and he encouraged me to fuck him harder.

It didn’t take long before my cock was pulsing ejecting my load.  I pulled out slowly, cleaned up and both Tim and I were on our backs panting.

And that was pretty much it.  Tim left his speedos because they were still a little wet from our shower and he said it will give him an excuse to come back.

That is my first shag being back and there were some other guys I was talking to on Grindr so I think I might see if I can find some more fun this afternoon….

Wet Blue Speedo

And here are Tim’s speedos.

Tim's AussieBum Speedos

February 3rd, 2014

Girls Next Door

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It is soooo nice waking up to the sound of the ocean, there is something special about it.  Looking out along the beach I can count on my fingers the number of people I can see right now.

Yesterday was fun catching up with everyone and it feels like I never left.

One interesting development is a couple of girls that live next door.  My mates know one of the girls and the boys have nicknamed her Malvern (it is a bicycle brand because they reckon everyone in town has had a ride) and the other girl, I’ll call her Miss W. is a real cutie and really nice.  Could be interesting….

I’ve got 2 of the guys coming around to watch the super bowl in about an hour – GO THE BRONCOS!!!!

I mentioned it yesterday that I’m being in undated with snow photos since I left.  Ow well, I’ve got a pair of black arena speedos on (nothing else) and I’m going for a quick dip.  It is OK to drink beer at 10:30am if it is during the super bowl right?

Speedo SnowAussie Day in the Snow

February 2nd, 2014

I’m Back, in Australia

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I’ve made it back to Aussie all in one piece.  Travels went well except that I hear that it has DUMPED snow in Colorado pretty much since the second that I left.

The house is great and everything, including net, is all hooked up.  I’ll have some organizing to do early next week but it feels great to be back.

My car is running great and last night I caught up with a bunch of mates and we went to the Beery (Terrigal Beer Garden).  Amazingly beautiful women whom I didn’t have much, if any of a chance with.  People think I have an American accent which is just silly.  Was pretty well behaved and walked back home well after midnight along the beach – very awesome!!!

This morning I woke up and the first thing I did was go for a quick swim, then walked down to the bakery and grabbed a pie.  Catching up with the boys for a surf in a bit and for dinner I’ll be grabbing some Godfathers Pizza – ow I’m looking forward to that.

I better check on some work stuff, enjoy the powder in Colorado you buggers.

Aussie Speedo BoysAussie SpeedosAussie SpeedosAussieBum Speedo

February 1st, 2014

Sitting on my arse

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I’m sitting in the back of the airport shuttle on my way to DIA (Denver International Airport).  I can’t believe the shuttle has wireless this is awesome!!!

I’ll write a bit of a debrief of my time in America on the long flight home but for the next nearly 40 hours I’ll be sitting on my arse.

Shuttle to DIA, DIA to LAX, LAX to SYD then train from SYD to Central, swap trains at Central and then Central to Gosford then taxi or a mate picking me up at Gosford train station then to my house (key has been left out for me).  I think I should get to the house around midday but you never know what might happen or what could get delayed.

First thing I’m going to do is get in the ocean!!!

Then I’m going to walk down the beach to town and grab a meat pie!!!

Talk to you guys on the other side of the pacific.

Classic Black Speedo

January 29th, 2014

Practical Speedos

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I love these speedos with a little pocket.

Why don’t all speedos have this?  The new house I’ll be living at in Aussie is on the beach and I won’t need to lock the back door if I go for a swim but if I go to some remote beach, like Birdie Beach, it would be nice to have a pocket to put the car keys in right?

Practical Speedos

January 28th, 2014
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