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Speedo 69

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Earlier in my sexual career I was a fan of the 69.  Not sure I can call it a career since I’ve never really been paid for sex but you guys know what I mean.

These days, I’m not so big a fan of the 69. The angles aren’t quite right, there is too much going on, I find I can’t focus on my job and I can’t focus on the pleasure I’m receiving.  I feel the same with guys and with girls as well.

Yesterday Tim came over after dinner for a ‘release’ session and he suggested we 69.  I was on top and it was amazingly hot of course but I really worked his cock (with a finger in his arse as well) trying to make him cum as quickly as possible.  Poor Tim couldn’t handle my ferocious assault on his cock and it didn’t take him long to cum at all.  Understandably, as Tim approached orgasm he couldn’t keep much attention on my cock.

Once his cock had finished pulsing his creamy load into my mouth the two of us detached and I told Tim that I wanted to fuck his tight arse again if he was up for it.

He was and after our 69 I didn’t take long at all to cum while fucking Tim.

By this time Tim was hard again and being the nice guy that I am let him fuck me.  Tim lasted a little longer this time and even this morning I’m still feeling a little sore from his pounding.

It is a ‘happy sore’ though.

Where I started this blog post was do you guys like 69′ing or not?

Guys in Speedos Fooling AroundSpeedo 69Gay 69

March 13th, 2014

My Speedo Tan

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I can’t believe it has only been 6 weeks since I got back but I am enjoying and trying to make the most of being outside and enjoying the sunshine.

My speedo tan is really taking shape and Tim commented on it last week.  My front side needs some work but my backside it looking great which is probably because of my lap swimming.

If I picked up a guy with the tan like the pic below….. I would know immediately that I’d met a guy that I’d get along with.

GString Tan Lines

March 12th, 2014

No Change Room Love

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Yesterday I was at the pool a little later and got more of the crowd of people coming home from work.

Lots of fit guys who I don’t normally see during the day.  Since there was more of a chance of guys in the change room I decided I’d have a shower after swimming.  Normally I just put down my towel and take off my shirt and shorts at the end of the lane and jump in, then do the opposite coming out.  I don’t mind the clorine since I normally jump into the surf when I get home.

My change room idea was a dud since there was barely anyone in there and nobody was very social at all apart from the usual g’day.

I’ve had a couple of change room experiences in Australia years ago, nothing while I was in Colorado and nothing here so far….  I can still hope though.

It is great to see lots of speedos at the pool, I saw some guys wearing jammers but I don’t think I saw anyone swimming laps not wearing a speedo.

Speedos in the Change Room

March 11th, 2014

Black or White Speedos

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If you took a guy home from the bar, or took a guy into the bathroom of a bar, removed his jeans would you prefer him to be wearing a white speedo, or a black one?

I love white speedos and wear them under my jeans just as much as I wear black ones.  However, wearing white speedos in public is tough.

A couple of weeks ago I went up to Birdie Beach (a nude/swingers beach a little north of where I live) and I wore my AussieBum Coolabah’s which are white and see through.  And my DE Swimwear are white and VERY VERY see through when wet.  I’ve never worn white speedos at the lap pool but I have at the beach with private company.

I’d love to know how many of you guys own and wear white speedos or are they just too ‘naughty’?

Classic SpeedoCourage to Wear White Speedos

March 10th, 2014

Fucking Tim

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Last night Tim came over for some speedo fun.

For those of you who are new to my blog, I hooked up with Tim from Grindr a coupe of days after arriving back here in Australia.  We’ve hooked up four or five times and one of those times was a threesome with another guy from Grindr.

In our previous sexual encounters I’ve sucked Tim off, he has sucked me off (he is a pretty good cock sucker too) and Tim has fucked me.  I haven’t fucked Tim though and he has said that he isn’t very experienced in being fucked.  Last night that all changed…..

I’ve written up this experience in more detail on my site  The members there support me so I try and look after them.  If you are interested, drop over to the site.  There is a trial membership for only $4.95 and that gives full, unrestricted access to all the stories, movies and photos.

There is 85 hours of speedo movies available.

Speedo Rim Job

March 9th, 2014
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