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New Foursome Movie

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I’ve mentioned it before that I advise for the site  The guy who runs it, Mark, does things a little differently to how I run  For one he has a $2.95 unrestricted trial which I think is a little too generous considering you get to see all his movies and pics for that.

This morning I was helping Mark with a new movie which is a super hot foursome in a sauna.  Speedos are involved of course and Mark has put up a sample clip.

If you haven’t checked it out go and have a look.  Mark does agree with me and hates pop-ups and all that crap so it is a nice site to visit…..

Speedo Foursome

October 24th, 2013

Day in Speedos

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Kip and I made it back last night pretty late.  What a great trip but now I’m ready to just be a hermit until Xmas.

We have a stack of work to catch up on, I’ll be sharing with you some of the new movies that are on our list of things to do later in the week.  Just the two of us sitting around the house, both of us only wearing black speedos.  It is gorgeous outside, although hovering around freezing.

It is good to be back and here is some black speedo eye candy for you guys.

Black Speedo ButtSpeedo Face ShotGreat SpeedoHot Guy in Speedos

October 23rd, 2013

Budgy Smugglers

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Vegas is over and done with….  I’m writing this post while sitting in the back of my Durango as we drive through Utah (not sure if I’ll be able to publish this until we get into the hotel tonight).

Our plan is to crash somewhere in Utah tonight, then spend tomorrow night in Moab (now that the Government is open again we can visit the nation parks) and be back in Breckenridge on Tuesday.

Whenever I get away or change where I live, I feel motivated.  One project that I’m looking forward to getting my teeth into is my line of DE Swimwear.  I’ve had a great response from guys who wear them, my manufacturer is great to work with and I love wearing them.  I just need to get off my butt, spent the time and the money and get it done.

Another swimwear company, Budgy Smugglers looks to be doing great and I love how much fun they bring to their speedos.  I’ve had one pair of their speedos and they are just a plain lycra that wasn’t the best quality but I love their angle and their enthusiasm.

Speedos and BeerYellow Aussie SpeedoBudgy SmugglersBudgy Smuggler

October 20th, 2013

Speedo’ing it up in Vegas

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Kip and I have been tearing up Vegas, I’m lying by the pool at the New York, New York hotel so if you are reading this and near by, come on over and say g’day.

Let me start with Friday.  Kip and I had a big night and after a sleep in we went down to the pool.  There weren’t too many people about but it definitely wasn’t dead.  Neither of us were sure how speedo friendly it would be but we both ended up speedo’ing it up.  We wore board shorts but dropped them when we got in the water.  Nobody seemed to care.

What gave us a little more courage was this girl that we did talk to who was wearing a black thong bikini.  She pulled it off too with a gorgeous little bubble butt.

Speedo Surprise

Then Friday afternoon the rest of the crew, including Kip’s sister arrived in town.  We all got together for some drinks and I was told that one of the girls in the group just loved Aussie guys.  Turns out she does….

Kip’s sister helped him line up one of the girls in the group as well so after a sloppy drunk Friday night fucking each other, Kip and I have spent the last 2 nights getting our pussy fix.  I’m not sure anything more crazy will come of it but you never know what happens in Vegas.

Tonight we are heading to the Mandalay Bay for dinner at some fancy restaurant on the top floor and no doubt, there will be more shenanigans.

Here is a bunch of hot average guys wearing speedos – this new blog layout allows me to post a lot more photos than the only layout which is great.

Yummy Speedo BoyWhite Speedos on the BeachCute Guy in SpeedosAverage Guy Running in Red SpeedosSpeedo VolleyballSpeedo WalkChilling out in SpeedosSpeedo Butt

October 19th, 2013

Vegas BABY!!!!

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Quick post before Kip and I was out the door for Vegas BABY!!!!

11hr drive according to the GPS but I think we gain an hour so we should be there by 4pm this afternoon!!!

We are staying at New York, New York and we have a day there on our own before the crew arrives for the birthday celebrations (a friend of Kip’s sister – there is going to be like 20 of us apparently and I don’t know anyone).

Last time I was in Vegas was fun but the first, last and only time I was in Reno was one hell of an evening.  Maybe during the drive I’ll put some of that experience in writing to share with you guys.

Should be interesting to see what kind of trouble we get into….

Here is some speedo eye candy for you guys, big boys, in very small speedos.

Jetski SpeedoWaterski SpeedoTriathlonSmall Speedo

October 16th, 2013
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