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Brenton is a mate of mine who writes the blog Aussielicious. He a great guy and when I’m in New South Wales in December I’m hoping that I’ll be able to catch up with him.

Although Brenton looks amazing in speedos – there is a pic of him wearing a pair of light blue Aussiebum’s which is just amazing – he prefers to go nude. It isn’t something that has really grabbed my attention but perhaps some nude beach fun later in the year and Brenton might have me convinced.

Here is an amazing nude photo that Brenton posted a couple of weeks ago.

Male nude - nude photography

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Anonymous said,  

nothing wrong about going nude it’s great only trouble is trying not to get a raging bar which as happened before can be a bit embarencing

Dave Evans said,  

I hear you there mate – I am concerned about baring up just in a speedo at the beach (which often happens).


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