Speedo Boners

No need to give any more of a description to this other than ‘eye candy’.

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Big Loadz said,  

oh damn, that green one made me blow a load!

Dave Evans said,  

Big Loadz,

That is hot but my favourite is the last pic of the blue speedo.


beachman said,  

Dave, I have to agree, the blue reminds me of a recent day at the beach enjoying someone wearing a speedo!! Course it wasn’t restrained for long and the enjoyment went to the next level!!

secretiveguy said,  

The blue one is my favorite and i will admit have jerked off to a couple times speaking of that im off to relive myself to it

albert said,  

El speedo de color verde, transparente es para mi el mas atractivo. Todos estan bien. Pero poder adivinar esa polla tras el speedo transparente es excitante.

Anonymous said,  

I love black and I jacked to that one. Really blew a big load when I nutted !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

saltytaste said,  

The last time I saw anyone in a green speedo was at a nature park near Nowra a few years ago; a school group were visiting for the day, and as their entry included water slides they were all still in their speedos while wandering around and viewing the animal enclosures. A blond teenager in green speedos was part of the group. Like the photo above, green lyrca is rather transparent even when dry; and there nestled against his thighs was the most gorgeous teenage cock, well detailed even under the vague cover of green lycra. He didnt seem to realise that his speedos were so transparent; so I enjoyed the long, slow visual examination I could give it; it was like a small animal asleep, snuggled around his balls. But thick…so thick even when soft that sliding it hard into any available orifice would produced gasps of delight, when more active at night.And the opening at its tip was wide enough to fall into. What a wonderful toy…

stuart babcock said,  

that kid wearing a green speedo is fantastic. his green speedo is transparent when wet. he has a nice cock bigger
than mine

ananymous said,  

ive never realized that green speedos are very see through
my four inch boner cant compete with the kid who is wearing
the transparent green speedo.

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