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Str8 guys, black speedos

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Just a quick blog post before I head off to the pool.

Turned out I had a rather big Sunday afternoon session, and after I had behaved all week and behaved myself on both Friday and Saturday night.  Lets just say that Monday was a quiet one and then Tuesday I spent catching up on the work I was supposed to do on Monday – hahaha.

Didn’t shag anyone’s wife, husband, didn’t get arrested and didn’t spend too much money so no harm no foul.

I’m off to the pool with Alex once I finish this post.  I haven’t spoken to him since he told me he knew about me being “Aussie Speedo Guy” but he did txt me this morning seeing if I’d be up for a swim.

Should be interested to see if he says anything.  Talk to you guys later.

AB - AussieBum

April 8th, 2014

Only speedo on the beach

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There might be lots of speedos at the pool but I’m still the only speedo on the beach here.

I think I was down by the surf club (Life Saving Club – has nothing to do with ‘surfing’) and saw some people training and a few of them had speedos but so far that is the only speedos I’ve seen on the beach other than mine.

If anyone is up in Terrigal this weekend, speedo it up on the beach and I’ll say g’day, you should be able to recognize me.

Speaking of which, time for a quick dip and then get ready for tonight.  Some of the boys coming over to watch some football (NRL) and then we’ll probably hit the pub and Kebabs for a late dinner/walk along the beach home.  Ow yeah, the entire purpose of this is to get laid somehow by someone……

Hope you guys have a good Friday night.

ClubbieThree Stripe ADIDAS SpeedosSLSC

April 3rd, 2014

Birdie Beach

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Nothing exciting at Birdie Beach yesterday but it was nice and there was nobody about.

Once I got to the beach, I stripped down to my white AussieBum Coolabah speedos and walked down the beach for 45 minutes or so.  I figured my AussieBum Coolabah’s are decent enough if there was someone else walking along the beach while being white and AussieBum, hopefully suggestive enough if there was someone walking along the beach who might have been ‘interested’ in some fun.

But, I didn’t see another person the entire time.  Which was pretty special in itself.

After a couple of hrs of reading my Kindle I walked back.

What a beautiful spot.

CoolabahPenis in White SpeedosSpeedo Surfer

And I just found this pic of Birdie Beach that I posted a while back when I first went there (July 2012).

Birdie Beach - Nude Beach north of Sydney

February 28th, 2014

First Threesome

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As you guys well know, it wasn’t my first EVER threesome but yesterday I had my first threesome since being back in Aussie.

After I finished my blog post yesterday I was lying on the beach working on my speedo tan (might be the last day for a while as it is overcast today and that is the forecast for a few days as well) and checking on Grindr.  I got talking to a local guy who’s photos were pretty hot.  During our online chatting he asked if I knew any other guys who might like to join us.  It reminded me of my first local hookup Tim (read about that here).

So I shot Tim an SMS and he said that he was keen to catch up around 8pm.

That is what happened.

I really do love sex with more than 1 other person!!!  All three of us are pretty versatile and all three of us were wearing speedos, at the beginning at least anyway.  I think I’m going to have to order some more condoms if I keep this up.

3 Speedo GuysSpeedos from BehindSpeedo ButtsThree Speedo Men

February 13th, 2014

Speedo Bum

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Nothing much to report today guys, another gorgeous day on the beach.

I’ve got a couple of really exciting work projects in the pipelines which is fun and it is nice to wake up and want to get back into some work.  Kip is planning on coming over at the end of April so I have that to look forward to as well.

The neighbor girls are nice and friendly although I don’t see them too much during the week, it seems like both of them are single but I’m not 100% sure on that.  And they work a Monday/Friday 9/5 so I don’t see them during the day at all.

I might take some paperwork down to the beach (about 8 steps) and work on my speedo tan lines.

After seeing these speedo bums in the pics below though I think I might have a quick look on Grindr.

Have a good day guys.

Firm ButtocksChilling Out in SpeedosButtsTight Butt in Speedo

February 12th, 2014
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